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  • Language
    • Main functions:   (1) External communications (2) Internal representations of own thoughts
    • Language terms:   •Phoneme - smallest unit of language   • Morpheme - basic unit of meaning   •Syntax - grammatical rules concerned with word order & inflection         • Word order - subject - verb object              • Inflection - a change in or addition to the form of a word which shows a change on the way it is used in sentences
    • Grammar:   •Semantics (meaning of words)    • Pragmatics (our knowledge of the social views that underlay language use   •Lexicon (set of vocabulary
    • Chomsky's Approach (1965):        (1) Competence = peoples knowledge of language VS (2) Performance = production & comprehension of utterances
      • Humans are equipped with 'innate' language skills
      • Linguistic competence structure; sentences can share the same surface structure but differ in deep structure
      • Transformational rules: changing round the order of words in a sentence to produce a more complex sentence
      • Irreversible sentence: The girl is watering the flowers / the flowers are watering the girl Reversible sentence: The cat is being chased by the dog / the dog is being chased by the cat
        • •Transformations affect time to evaluate sentences   •Negative sentences take longer to evaluate


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