Language Diversity - Language and Technology

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  • Language and Technology
    • Key Terms
      • Neologism: creation of new words
      • Prosumer: an individual who is both a producer and consumer
      • Computer Mediated Communication (CMC): a hybrid form of communication where elements of spoken and written features combine.
      • Initialism: using the first letter of each word e.g. lol
    • Technology has shaped the influence of new words and their growth
    • Studying language and technology encompasses personal, social and political perspectives.
    • How does Language change?
      • neologisms
      • graphology and orthography
      • lexis and semantics
      • phonology
      • syntax and morphology
      • text and discourse
      • changes to word class
    • John Humphrey's article
      • Texting and abbreviations have started ruining the English language
      • Technology has had a negative impact on the Dictionary
      • Hyphen has been removed from roughly 16,000 words


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