Language Change -Key Dates

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  • Language Change Timeline
    • Before English began - up to 450AD
      • Romans invade in 55BC.
        • Latin shortened the word Engaland in 1000AD
          • The Roman Empire left a mark on the language
    • Origins of English 450-1066AD
      • Anglo Saxons arrive from North Germany
      • In 597 AD Christian missionaries arrive, large amount of Latin vocabulary to England
      • The invasion from the Netherlands introduced Fashion and Germanic language and it eradicated the original Celtic language
    • Middle English Period - 1066 to 1485 AD
      • Lexis- terms for law and politics from Norman French. General expansion of lexis.
      • After the Norman conquest the language of Government is medieval French.
      • French scribes started to introduce their spelling patterns:'qu replaced cw'; reversed word order of letters 'hw to wh - hwere to where.
        • In 1362 AD (under Edward III) English becomes the official language for law and state business rather than French or Latin.
          • 1455Ad - Caxton introduced the printing press which enables some standardising, but there is no widespread standard form of spelling or punctuation.
    • During 1300-1500 AD the Great Vowel Shift occurred, this Is where a change in pronunciation of all long-vowels in this period had acquired their present pronunciation.
    • Tudor Period 1435-1603 AD, when the renaissance took place.
      • There was a rise of normalisation (patriotism)linked to desire more expressive language but Latin precieved by many to be a superior language.


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