Language and social groups 

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  • Language and social groups
    • The term social group refers to the fact that any society is not simply a collection of isolated individuals.
      • People connect with others and those connections can be made on many different bases
    • Early studies of language and social class
      • Labov's "the social stratification of English in New York city"
      • He conducted an experiment in New York department store.
      • It showed that speakers in the more prestigious stores who were aspiring to use a prestige accent used a particular feature
        • The post-vocalic R: Pronouncing an R after a vowel where there is an R in the spelling. E.g. farm, sir.
    • Social network theory
      • A different way of looking at the idea of social connections is embodied in the theory of social networks.
      • Lesley Milroy's
        • A "web of ties"
        • relationships between individuals and the contact patterns between group memebers
        • The strength of the ties between people
          • Strong close family ties to weak ties of acquaintance
        • The nature of connections within a group
    • Keywords
      • Dialect
      • Ethnolect
      • Familect
      • Genderlect
      • Social practices
      • Sociolect
    • Communities of practice
      • The term describes people coming together for a particular purpose and establishing ways of doing things and of interacting in order to achieve that shared purpose


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