Language and Geography

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  • Language and Geography
    • Labov - Martha's Vineyard
      • Younger generations adopting older rural speech to show resistance to islands tourism
      • Covert Prestige awarded to those who did this
    • Prescriptivism vs Decsriptivism
      • Prescriptivism
        • Belief that features of language are either right or wrong
      • Descriptivism
        • Beleif that the 'correctness' of language is dependent on contetx
    • Giles
      • Studied different accents saying same speech
      • Accents tested on status, personality and how believable the person was
        • 2) National accentse.g Welsh
        • 3) Regional rural accentse.g. Northern seen as honest, reliable, generous, sincere, warm, humorous
        • 4) Regional urban accent (city)
    • Geographic Diffusion
      • Spread or lessening of specific use of language
      • Due to social mobility and social media
    • Dialect Levelling (Milroy 2002)
      • Where historical communitites lose their distinctive features for a more generic dialect
      • Due to social or geographical mobility and social media
    • Jenny Cheshire
      • Looked at correlatiob between non-standard forms and peer groups in Reading playground
      • Children who approved of 'bad' behaviour were more likely to use non-standard forms


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