Language and Gender

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  • Language and Gender
    • Deborah Tannen - You Just Don't Understand
      • Status vs Support.Men seek upper hand. Women want confirmation/support.
      • Independence vs Intimacy. Men want to be independent.Women think more in terms of closeness.
      • Advice vs Understanding.Men see a complaint as a challenge to be fixed.Women just wanted sympathy.
      • Information vs Feeling. Men view their concerns as more important.Womens speech is less valued.
      • Orders vs Proposals.Men use direct imperatives more.Women sugget/hint to things.
      • Conflict vs Compromise.Men vocally show oppposition.Women dont openly oppose.
    • Robin Morgan - Going too Fair (1977)
      • Claims language is sexiste.g chairmanWomen don't even have their own name, carry fathers then husbands
    • Robin Lakoff - Language and the Womens Place (1975)
      • Womens talk has the following properties
        • Set of words specific to interests
        • Empty adjectives
        • Use of tag questions/rising intonation
        • Use of hedges
        • Use of intensive 'so'
        • Hypercorrect grammar
        • Super politness
        • Ask more questions
    • Janet Hyde - The Gender Similarities Hypothesis (meta-analysis) 2005
      • There are more similarities in men and womens speech than there are differences (either small or close to zero)
      • Smiling and spelling accuracy largest difference but still only small
      • Verbal abilities and behaviour small differences
    • Dominance vs Difference
      • Difference theory is that there are binaries in the way each gender talks
      • Dominance is the idea that men dominate mixed gender conversations
        • Zimmerman (1975) Found men interrupted more than women in mixed gender conversations (96% of the time)
          • Bias as all participants were white males under 35 years old
        • Fishman Studied how men do/don't respond that show differences e.g asking less questions is weakness in men not in women
        • SpenderArgues womens language is subject to a patriarchial power system. Men remmain in power as there is no way to tackle this.


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