Language acquisition: Key theorists

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  • Language acquisition: key theorists
    • Noam Chomsky
      • learning takes place through an innate brain mechanism - LAD (Language Acquisition Device)
    • Jean Berko + Roger Brown
      • child who referred to plastic fish as "fis" couldn't link an adults use of "fis" to the same object
    • Katherine Nelson
      • 4 categories for first words:
        • naming (most common)
        • actions/events
        • describing / modifying things
        • personal / social words
    • B. F. Skinner
      • children imitate and copy adults and are conditioned to use the right language via positive and negative reinforcement
    • Jean Aitchison
      • connected children's lexical and semantic development through 3 stages (labeling, packaging + network-building)
    • Jean Piaget
      • kids are active learners who use the environment + social interactions to shape their language
      • kids cannot be taught before they are ready
    • Ursula Bellugi
      • 3 stages of negative formation in children
    • Lev Vygotsky
      • observed children's play and linked it to both cognitive + social development
    • Jerome Bruner
      • thinks there must be a Language Acquisition Support System (LASS) which refers to the child's interaction with adults around them
      • ritualised activities like meal times and bedtimes are explicit and predictable so children can learn


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