Landforms of erosio

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  • Landforms of erosion
    • Headlands & bays
      • less resistant rock = most erosion (bays). Low energy = deposition = beaches
      • More resistant = headlands.  Refraction - headlands = high erosion
    • Blow holes
      • Cliffs erosion continues upwards/cave full of water liquid forced up
    • Caves/Arches/Stack/Stump
      • Cliff undercut waves deepen/ cave retreats backwards until meets other side/ retreating cliff collapses =distance between arch/ stack collapses
    • cliffs
      • Steep - Resistant rock       Low-angle cliff - weak rock.
      • Retreat = rock type/wave energy/ weathering.
    • wave cut platform
      • High waves breaking foot = cliff undercut= cliff retreats leaving platform = waves break closer to sea therefore limits own growth.
    • Geo
      • When faults exploited caves form. roof thin and weak so collapses


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