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  • Landforms
    • Fold Mountains
      • Sedimentary rocks build up and are folded up and forced upwards
      • Found at destructive plate boundaries and where there used to be destructive plate boundaries
      • Lots of high mountains, very rocky, steep slopes.
    • Volcanoes
      • At destructive plate boundaries the oceanic plate goes under the continental plate
        • Oceanic Plate melts, pool of magma is formed, magma rises through the vents, magma erupts on the surface
      • Constructive Plate boundaries - magma rises up into the gap
      • Composite Volcanoes
        • Made up of ash and lava that has erupted, cooled and hardened into layers
          • Lava is thick and flows slowly. Steep sided volcano
      • Shield Volcano
        • Made up of only lava
          • Lava is runny, flows quickly over a wide area. Low, Flat Volcano
    • Ocean Trenches
      • Deep sections of the ocean, usually where an oceanic plate in sinking below a continental plate


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