Landforms of erosion and deposition

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  • Landforms of erosion and deposition
    • Depositional features: Beach
      • Swanage Bay. Material dropped by Longshore drift and constructive waves and from cliff erosion.
    • Erosional feature: Cave, arch, stack, stump
      • Old Harry's rock. Made up of chalk. Formed by erosion - particularly hydraulic power. Eventually the waves would bring the stack down and turn it into a stump.
    • Erosional feature: Lulworth Cove
      • A circular, sheltered bay. Formed by the sea breaking through a comparatively thin layer of hard Portland Stone. Once through, the waves allowed much softer clay to be eroded away.
        • When a straight wave hits a barrier with a hole in it, the wave pattern on the other side is semi-circular. The curved waves radiate out from the Cove entrance and shape it.


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