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  • Landforms
    • Deposition
      • Spit
        • 1) accumulation of sand, one end attached to land and other reaching across estuary or sea
        • 2) Lots of sediment transported by long shore drift due to prevailing wind  (state direction ie south west)  + coastline changes direction to leave a shallow area of water
        • 3) Increase in friction cause more deposition in water sheltered by headland + spits extends in length
        • 4) If wind changes the waves it causes spit to make a curve end inland
        • 5) Salt marsh develops behind spit because  lower energy environment allows deposition of fine materials to occur + can't grow across estuary due to water, that carries material to sea
      • Tombolo
        • Spit joins mainland to an island
        • Chesil beach in Dorset joined to Isle of Portland
      • Bar
        • Spit joins mainland to another mainland across a bay
      • Beaches
        • Form in sheltered environments
        • When swash is stronger than the backwash, deposition occurs.
      • Dune
        • Sand from offshore bars blown onto shore by strong winds
    • Erosion
      • Bay
        • Destructive waves erode soft rock (hydraulic action) and backwash sediment away
      • Headland
        • Physical weathering of hydraulic action - sea forces erosion on less resistant rock so rock falls
        • Sea attacks section with alternate bands of soft + hard rock
      • Caves
        • lines of weakness like faults appear in headland (cliff face) Abrasion, attrition and  hydraulic action erode fault to make cave
      • Arches
        • Cave is widened by further erosion. Sea cuts to make an arch and then erodes foot of it
      • stacks
        • Roof of arc is heavy and collapses
        • Part of former cliff isolated as stack and overtime it's undercut and collapses
      • stumps
        • It's the remains of an eroded stack
      • wave cut platform
        • 1) Waves attack base of cliff through abrasion, corrosion, hydraulic action + attrition
        • 2) Over time cliff is undercut and wave cut notch is made
        • 3) Cliff becomes unstable and collapses - further retreat forms a wave- cut platform


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