Land act 1870

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  • Land Act 1870
    • Attempted to address some of the 3Fs
      • Any tenant who was evicted for reason other than non-payment of rent could get money back on improvements they had made
      • Rents could not be "exorbitant" (House of Lords changed original wording which said "excessive"
      • The "Bright Clauses" made government loans (5% interest, repayable over 35 years) available to tenants who wanted to buy their land.
        • The could borrow up to two thirds of the cost of the property.
        • Fewer than 1000 farmers took advantage of the 'Bright Clause' as they couldn't afford it
        • Landlords didn't have to sell if they didn't want to
    • Set a precedent- symbolic, government now officially interfering with land issues
    • Act failed to create a tribunal to make sure rents were fair
    • Tenants with leases of more than 31 years weren't protected by act
      • Some Landlords changed their tenants' leases to get around the act
    • Tenants still didn't have protection against eviction
    • Rural violence continued and government's response was to increase repression. For example, the Peace preservation act 1870


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