Land Use Zones in MEDCs

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  • Land Use Zones in MEDC Cities
    • Central Business District (CBD)
      • City Hall
      • In the City Centre
      • Tall Buildings, Tightly packed together, very little open spaces
    • Inner City
      • Surrounding the City Centre
      • Dominated with student accommodation, houses are sub-divided into flats
      • Terrace Housing, Donegal Road
    • Suburban Residential
      • Malone Road
      • Detached single-family homes and low population density, light manufacturing industries grown here
      • Further outside the city
    • Industrial Zones
      • Titanic Quarter (old ship yards)
      • In clumps near roads, rivers and places that are easily accessible
      • Transport links (rivers, railways and canals), older buildings surrounded by housing
    • The Rural-Urban Fringe
      • Round the edge of the city
      • Recycling facilities are found, Park and ride facilities are provided, Airports and large hospitals
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