Urban Land use

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    • The CBD
      • Land use - Businesses like shops and offices.
      • Social - Its busy and very accessible
      • economic - Land is expensive.
      • Cultural - point for entertainment
    • The inner City
      • Land use - low class housing and industry
      • social- small house were built near to factories to house workers, traditionally
      • economic - poorer people who can't afford to commute and can only afford small houses live here
      • cultural - ethinc groups live here so they live near important services, like church etc
    • Surburbs
      • land use - medium class housing
      • social - less crowed and more pleasent, less traffic and pollution
      • econmic - richer people who can affored to commute and have big house live here.
      • cultural - people with families live here due to space and leisure activites
    • Rural - urban fringe
      • Land use - Business parks and high - class housing
      • social - still accessible for commuters and there's lots of space
      • economic - the ;and is often cheaper here so bigger houses can be built for rich people
      • Cultural - richer people who like a rural lifestyle and being in reach of the city live here


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