Lancastrian Kenilworth

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  • Lancastrian Kenilworth
    • John of Gaunt
      • Prince - as he was uncle of the very young King Richard II
      • Effectively ran England when king was a child
      • Also King of Castile and Leon in Spain through marriage
      • Wanted to reflect his great wealth and status
      • Thought castle was still good for defence
    • Addtions
      • Great hall - banquets and entertainment. One of the largest in Europe at the time, and comparable to Windsor
      • Very large kitchens for catering
      • Water tower for servant accommodation and storage
      • Saintlowe Tower for guest accomodation
      • Gaunt's tower for his private accomodation
    • Purpose
      • Fashionable to keep defensive features on a catle that was turned into a country manor at the time
      • Defensive features showed off historical power and status
      • Mainly used for accommodation, entertainment, and as a status symbol
      • Entertainment included banquets and even torturing prisoners for sport.


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