Land issue

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  • Land Issue
    • Subdivision/ Subletting
    • No government control
      • Landlords charging high rents
    • Lack of advance in farming
    • Absentee English landlords
      • Early 1870s- Only 46% of tenants had resident landlords
    • Over reliance on potatoes
    • Poor soil
    • Small farms
    • Evictions
      • 1847-1850: 50,000 evictions
      • 1847-1880: 90,000 evictions
      • Most tenants didn't have leases so they could be evicted whenever
      • Although historians suggest landlords weren't as unfair as they were portrayed to be. Some argue evictions only took place when tenants didn't pay rent.
    • Tenants didn't own any improvements they made on their property
      • Little incentive to improve things
        • Landlords rarely improved farms


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