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  • Lagos- Megacity
    • Baclground
      • wealthiest and populous city in Nigeria
      • 2015 projected there will be 25 million residents
      • large amount of precipitation of 1532mm
      • average temp 27c
      • 3rd largest city in the world
      • produces 25% of Nigeria's GDP
    • Problems
      • many areas of high levels of poverty
        • high levels of unemployment
          • 5000 citizens earn a living by collecting rubbish that can be reprocessed
            • surrounded by disease and vermine
        • reducing income tax collected
          • less money invested in cities law enforcement services
            • increasing crime rates
      • insecure energy supply
        • energy is exported because their is more business
        • deceasing the productivity of the 10,000 commercial and industrial businesses
      • lack of planning has lead to urban sprawl
        • vast amounts of congestion
        • increase time spent traveling
          • decrease work productivity
        • increase money spent on petrol
          • decrease disposable incomes
        • increase noise and pollution
          • increase strain on healthcare system
      • housing shortages
        • squatters settlements have been created on the sea
        • 100,000 people live in makoko a villages made of houses on stilts
        • pollutes the surrounding water
        • reduces biodiversity of aquatic life
        • over exploitation of fish
    • solution
      • states response
        • top down approach
      • transport
        • 165km of road added
        • 10-lane highway
        • rapid bus transport system
      • healthcare
        • preventing communicable diseases with immunisation programmes
          • eg measles and polio
      • water supply
        • privatisation of water
          • increase water infrastructure
            • reduce government expenditure
        • conservation
          • water metres
      • employment
        • trying to create 50,000 jobs in the private sector
          • eg street cleaners
      • decrease crime
        • investment in new police vehicles eg helicopters
          • 80% reduction in crimes
    • a more sustainable future
      • environmental sanitation last Saturday of every month
        • eg young men draining stagnant waters
        • heavy price for those who don't participate


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