Labour supply

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  • Labour supply
    • migration
    • size/structure of pop.
      • age; gender; birth and death rate; social attitudes
    • wage/benefits/tax
      • gov. policies affect opp. cost of S of L
    • +VE sub. effect
      • as incomes rise the opp. cost of the next best alternative (leisure) increases SO more S of L
    • income effect
      • +VE income effect=as income rises S of L increases
      • -VE INCOME EFFECT-incomes rise to a point where supplying more hours isnt worth it so leisure is chosen over work
    • ed. and training increases capability to S. Labour
      • gov. policies affect opp. cost of S of L
    • mobility
      • geographicaland occupational immobility




A mind map which covers the factors affecting the supply of labour. Further notes can be added for students who like mind maps.

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