Labour during Thatcher

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  • Labour Party during Thatcher years
      • Between 1979 and 1992 it lost four elections in a row
      • Labours strong links wth the unions seemed to reflect indstrial strife
      • "Longest suicide note in history"
    • Michael Foot
      • Made leader in 1980 - seen a success for left wing labour MPs
      • Tony Benn had interpreted Labour's defeat in 1979 as not left wing enough. Urged party to embrace socialist ideas and not tamper with capitalist ones
      • SDP
        • Not happy with left wing party attitudes. Number of Labour MPs broke away in 1981 to form SDP
        • Split vote: gained 1/4 of vote in 1983 but only real success
    • The 1983 Election
      • Led by Michael Foot - suffered humiliating defeat.
      • Uninspiring campaign
      • Weakened by internal disputes
      • Falklands factor
    • Kinnock's Reforms
      • MF replaced by NK in 1983
      • Layed the base of modernisation on the party


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