Labour Leaders - Policies

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  • Labour leaders
    • Clement Attlee
      • Post-war age of consensus 1945 - landslide majority
      • First and arguably last pm to be socialist:- welfare state, nhs, nationalised steel and iron, keynesianism
    • Tony Blair
      • New labour/third way
      • Removed clause 4:- arguably what made the party socialist
      • more committed to the individual - even at the price of community
      • Accepted a free market, less involvement with trade unions, harder on law and order
        • Trade unions except "fairness not favours"
      • Did implement minimum wage and was committed to the eu
    • Ramsey Mcdonald
      • Both minority governments (1924 and 1929)
        • In 1924, they weren't even the biggest party in the H.O.C so as a result little was achieved
    • Harold Wilson
      • Change was must less prominent in these 2 governments in 60s and 70s
      • However they did improve the housing scheme and equal pay
    • Ed Miliband
      • Still unsure in which direction he wants to take the party = red? blue? purple?
      • Idea of predestination= distribution of wealth and equality before it needs to be redistributed
    • Michael Foot
      • In opposition
      • 1983 manifesto was seen as the new hope for Britain - socialist plans
        • 5 year economic plans, abolish h.o.l, renationalise industries and increasing child benefits
    • Gordon Brown
      • Can be seen as moving away from new labour
      • Nationalised some banks (northern rock) and railways (east coast) and tried to eradicate child poverty


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