Labour Government 1918-1924

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  • Labour Government
    • Why did the 1924 Labour Govt. only last 9 months?
      • minority govt
      • skilled negotiator, but led to affiliations with Communist Russia
      • Zenoviev  letter
        • SNOWDEN: whipped up large amount/vote for Con. candidates
      • Filled posts with Lib and Con MPs
        • Aliented grassroot labour MPs
      • Policy of moderation
        • non radicalist approach
          • Angered pro socialists
    • Why become potential govt.
      • Stood for social reform and free trade
      • TUs: continued growth whipped up votes in electorate
      • Franchise factor
        • Representation of the People Act 1918
        • By 1918 electorate had grown from 8m to 22m in favour of Labour
      • Arthur Henderson (new leader) contrasted weak/divided Liberals
    • Was failure of 1924 govt a failure for Labour Govt
      • Long standing image problems
        • Red Menace
      • Emergency Powers
        • alienated TUs - were main source of finance for party
      • MacDonald
        • vulnerable
        • diluted views members of own party
      • Moderation Policy
        • alienated back bench MPs and angered pro socialists (radical)


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