Labour in Northern Ireland: 1974-1979

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  • Labour in Northern Ireland: 1974-1979
    • Wilson
      • The Sunningdale Agreement: The Protest
        • 15 day strike organised by pro-Paisley Ulster Workers Council.
        • Merlyn Rees refused to negotiate with the UWC
          • Northern Irish secretary
          • Decision backed by Wilson
            • Called unionists 'spongers' in a television interview
        • Brian Faulkner agreed it was no longer workable and resigned.
      • The Northern Ireland Act 1974
        • In 1976, the Convention lost meaning after a resolution was passed by a majority of 3.
          • British govt. withdrew 'special status category' for prisoners serving for terrorist acts
            • Treated as common prisoners, not political.
    • James Callaghan
      • Continued talks of finding a settlement, although there were factors that made it seem unrealistic
        • Difficult to make political concessions without appearing to give in to terrorists.
          • Lethal IRA attacks in 1974
            • Birmingham pub bombings
              • November 1974
              • Explosions in 2 public houses
              • 21 killed, 180 seriously injured
            • Introduced Prevention of Terrorism Act 1974
              • Police and authorities now had extend power of search and arrest
        • Small labour majority
          • Could not afford to antagonise Ulster Unionists
            • Support needed in Westminster votes
        • Labour backbenches openly supported republican cause
          • Troops out campaign compromised and inhibited the govt.


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