Labour and Unemployment

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  • Labour and Unemployment
    • When the Nazis came to power, over 6 million people were unemployed in 1933
      • In his election manifest, Hitler had promised "work and bread"
        • The Nazis used four methods to create jobs
    • 1. The National Labour Service
      • All men aged between 18 and 25 had to spend 6 months in the RAD
      • The planted forests, built motorways, hospitals and schools
      • They wore a uniform, live in camps and were given free meals
      • They were only paid pocket money, but it was a job and unemployment figures dropped rapidly
    • 2. Hitler introduced conscripton
      • From 1935, all males between 18 and 25 were forced to join the military for at least 2 years
      • In 5 years the army grew from 100,000 to 1,400,000 which cut over 1 million from the unemployment figures
    • 3. Germany was re-armed
      • New tanks, battleships, fighter planes and guns were built which created millions of jobs and some business men made fortunes from government contracts
      • Hitler wanted Germany to become a create military power
    • 4. The Nazis sacked people to create jobs
      • Many women and Jews were sacked to create jobs for unemployed men
    • Due to expense of creating weapons, Hitler tried to make Germany self-sufficient. German scientists found ways of making coffee from acorns, petrol from coal and make-up from flour
    • German Labour Front
      • State run trade unions and no other trade unions were allowed
      • Everyone had to work and skilled men could be sent to do heavy labour
      • Strikes were banned
      • Had to get government permission to quit your job
      • People could be forced to work as many hours as required
      • Strict control over workers
      • By 1938 workers were earning 10 times more than they would earn on "dole money"
      • There weren't any complaints


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