Laboratory experiments:

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  • Laboratory experiments:
    • Definition:
      • Conducted in a well controlled environment.
      • Independent variable is manipulated.
      • Control group is used as a baseline to compare our results to.
    • Strengths:
      • Cause and effect can be established as we can see the effect of the IV on the DV.
      • Easy to replicate as a standardised procedure and controls are used.
    • Limitations:
      • Lacks ecological validity which makes it hard to generalise the findings as the conditions are artificial.
      • Demand characteristics present as participants are aware they are involved. Reduce reliability and validity.
      • Ethical issues - Deception about real aims of experiment and testing on humans.
    • Research:
      • Janis and Feshbach
      • Loftus
      • Nemeth and Wachtler
      • Asch
      • Pennington and Hastie
      • Penrod and Cutler
      • Pickel
      • Castellow
      • Geer and Maisel
      • Budzynksi
      • Cutler
      • Pickel
      • Bruce


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