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  • Labelling
    • Labelling Theory
      • suggests that  teachers judge students not on their individuality  but on there   characteristic ways reflective on gender, class , or ethnic group.
      • Rosenthal and Jacobson
        • Found that Mexican children suffered from low teachers expectations;  Teachers expectations can effect the  childs achievement
        • The did a covert  investigation   posing as psyhcologists and presented fake IQ's
          • They then saw that teachers favored the high IQ students and they did better on the exams
    • Becker
      • the perfect student in a classroom was presented to have middle class qualities and standard of behaviour
    • Ball (2002)
      • 'social barbarism' allows well of children to be separated from others who are 'less able'
    • consequences
      • lower class students are more likely to be found in lower sets
      • Streaming tends to link to wider differences in test results
    • The self for-filling prophecy
      • Once labelled a child may start to act up to their label.
      • when a child develops a behavior  predicted by the teacher


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