Sociology- Labelling and teacher racism

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  • Labelling and teacher racism
    • Black pupils and discipline
      • Billborne and youdell 2000- Found that teachers were quicker to discipline black pupils as teachers had radicalised expectations, so they expected black pupils to present more discipline problems.
      • Borne 1994- Found that schools tended to see black boys as a threat and so label them negatively, leading to exclusion
        • Only 1 in 5 excluded get 5 or more GCSES
      • Osler 2001- black pupils appear to suffer more unrecorded official exclusions, where they were sent out of class
    • Black pupils and streaming
      • A-C economy + education triage= Black pupils negative stereotypes about ability and means they are put in low streams
      • Foster 1990 found that teaches' stereotypes of black pupils as being badly behaved could lead to them being placed in low streams---> SFP
    • Asian pupils
      • Wright 1992 study of multiethnic primary schools show asian pupils were left out of class discussion as they were perceived to have a poor grasp of english
      • Asian pupils also felt isolated when teachers expressed dissoproval of their customs or mispronounced their names


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