C + D Topic 2 : Labelling Theory

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  • Labelling Theory
    • Social construction of crime
      • LT: How is something labelled as a crime/ why it is known as a crime
      • Becker: Deviance is in the eye of the beholder
      • New laws have 2 effects: creates a new group of outsiders + expands control agencies
      • Platt: Victorial moral entreprenuers came up with the term 'juvinile delinquency'
      • Who gets labelled?
        • Young, Working Class
        • People are arrested, etc. for the interaction with agencies of control, appeance + background + biography, situation of the offence
        • Cicourel: negotation of justice
          • Police use typifications (sterotypes) to arrest indivudals so their decisions are bias
          • Justice is not fixed but negotable
        • Topic vs. Resource
          • Police statistics cannot be taken at face value
          • Police stats. should be taken as topics to investigate
    • Effects of labelling
      • Causes self fufilling prphecy
      • Lemert: primary + secondary deviance
      • Lemert: Secondary deviance = master status
      • Deviance is a result of labelling
      • J Young: Hippi Marujuana users in Notting Hill
      • Downes and Rock - we cannot say becasue a person is labelled they become what they are labelled


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