Lab Experiments

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  • Lab Experiments
    • Independent Measures Design
      • Pps are placed in separate groups. Each group does one level of I.V. Compare D.V of groups
      • Pps can't guess aim
      • No order effects
      • Researcher cannot control pps variables
        • Randomly allocate pps to distribute pps variables
      • Needs more pps for the same amount of data
    • Repeated Measures Design
      • Pps receive all levels of I.V. Compare D.V of pps on the tests
      • No individual pps differences
      • Less pps needed
      • Order effects
        • Counterbalancing
      • Pps may guess the aim on 2nd test
        • My use 2 diff tests
    • Matched Pairs Design
      • Pps matched on similar characteristics relevant to performance of D.V. Then same as Independent Measures design
      • Minimised individual differences
      • Very time consuming
      • Hard to match people
        • Conduct a pilot study to consider key variables
      • Need lots of pps


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