La Gazza Ladra Overture- Rossini

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  • La Gazza Ladra Overture- Rossini
    • Context
      • Premiered 31st May 1817 at La Scala, Milan
      • Overture to the opera, written on the morning of the premiere, written last
      • Opera based on French play entitled La pie voleuse
      • Libretto for opera written by Gheradini
    • The Orchestra
      • Piccolo, flute, 2x oboe, 2x clarinet in A, 2x bassoon, 4x horn (2 in E and 2 in G), 2x trumpet in A, trombone, timpani in E and H (B?), triangle, bass drum, snare drum, violins I and II, viola, cello, bass
      • No focus on a particular instrument
      • Larger orchestra
    • Structure
      • Abridged sonata form (no clear development)
      • Periodic phrasing: 8 bars antecedent, 8 bars consequent
    • Harmony
      • Mostly diatonic and functional
      • Dominant 7ths e.g. b.180
      • Borrowed chords e.g. b.28
      • Suspensions e.g. bb. 43-5
      • Diminished chord e.g. b.104
      • False relation e.g. b.180
      • Augmented 6th e.g. bb.467-8
      • Pedal note e.g. bb.318-27;  tonic or dominant, usually played by lower instruments
    • Texture
      • Monophonic/ Antiphonal bb.1-3
      • Generally melody dominated homophony
      • Greatly reduced in 'A', then quickly returns to fuller texture, then monophony
      • Heterophony b.139
      • Almost homorhythm in coda
    • Melody
      • Two main themes
        • Theme A: focuses on strings, delicate, triplets
        • Theme B: focuses on woodwind
  • 1st Sub. (A)
  • 219-275: G Major
  • Link
  • 2nd Sub. 2nd Theme (B2)
  • Coda
  • Transition (T)


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