La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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  • La Belle Dame Sans Merci - John Keats
    • 12 quatrains
    • cyclical, begins and end the same
    • two speakers
    • woman as a siren
    • 'i love thee true' like a curse
    • Blazon
    • Keats was known to be awkward around women
    • Romanticism
      • Medieval imagery
      • Magic
    • traditional folk ballad
      • however is not what the reader might traditionally expect from a courtly ballad
    • ABCB rhyme scheme
    • poem is mostly in Iambic pentametre
      • Regularity
        • could represent love
        • could represent a spell like a chant or curse
    • was woo'd and then woke up alone - woman has power in relationship
    • 'the beautiful lady without mercy'
      • Ominous tone from start
      • Witch in disguise
    • Not traditional courtly love
      • Woman woos man and seduces him
      • man is left alone


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