La belle dame sans merci

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  • Tragic Hero
    • Knight undergoes downfall- limbic, dazed state.
    • Knight entices the lady with flower garlands despite noting 'her eyes were wild' and willingly claimed some form of possession over her 'I set her on my pacing steed'
    • La Belle Dame Sans Merci
      • Victim: Knight
        • Cyclical nature of the poem, creates feelings of entrapment and hopelessness- confirmed by repetition
        • Alone-  fields once full of crops are empty, no birdsong. Feeling of isolation and vulnerability
        • Knight's setting is empty, joyless, hopeless atmosphere which creates pathos
      • Victim: The Lady
        • Given no perspective, questionable if she is being properly represented. Misrepresented personality and actions are only relayed by the Knight
        • Return to her 'elfin grot' and 'there she wept and sighed'- indicating unhappiness
        • Knight's perspective portrays her as evil enchantress, she may intact be a victim- innocently tries to lul him to sleep- comforting, soothing (supported- slight onomatopoeia)
    • Follows her back to her 'elfin grot' despite noting twice that she was a 'faery child'. Active in his downfall


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