L8 - India, EDC

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  • India, EDC
    • Imports - 1990
      • Until the early 1990s, India adopted a trade policy on import substitution with high tariffs on imported goods and restrictions on foreign investment.
        • Protects domestic agriculture and manufacturing industry.
    • Imports - 2013
      • India imports lot of raw goods from nearby countries e.g. China, UAE.
      • 2.2% from Japan, 2.9% from South Korea.
    • Exports - 1990
      • During this period, India doubled its global share of merchandise exports and share of services exports increased fivefold.
      • 14% to the USSR, 9.2% to Japan.
    • Exports - 2013
      • Higher order goods for exports. Total exported goods are worth $142bn.
      • Increasing exports to African countries.
    • Political conflicts
      • Lingering border disputes between India and China but the improved trade relations have helped in stabilizing political conflicts.
      • The governments of India and China have common goals.
        • Improving living standards.
        • Sharing information and best practice regarding domestic economic issues.
      • India has border conflicts with China, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
    • Economic conflicts
      • Growing relationship between China and India has contributed to growth in GDP, further investment and employment opportunities and raising incomes at all levels.
      • China was India's biggest trading partner in 2014.
    • Environment conflicts
      • Conflict over water supply, deforestation, and land degradation in the Himalayan border areas.
      • China provides India with flood season hydrological data.
      • Beginning of co-operation between India and China over emergency flood management in the Brahmaputra basin.
      • Both India and China have signed climate change treaties.


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