ELSS L16 - Monitoring Variation in the Carbon Cycle

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  • Monitoring methods - CARBON CYCLE
    • Deforestation
      • ESA albedo (reflectivity) images from various satellites.
      • Measurement of reflectivity of Earth's surface and land use changes.
        • How have these sinks changed through time?
      • Removal of trees leads to a decrease of carbon sinks.
      • Assume that there will be a flux of CO2 to the atmosphere.
    • Atmospheric carbon dioxide
      • NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2). Ground based measurement at Mauna Loa, 1958.
      • New satellite measurement of global atmospheric CO2 from NASA.
      • Satellite also measures the effectiveness of absorption of CO2 by plants.
      • Indicator of GHGs in the atmosphere. Feed data into climate models and predictions.
    • Primary productivity in the oceans
      • Measures net primary production in oceans on land.
      • Biological pump. Understood the health of the oceans. Indicates ocean acidification.


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