Civil rights 1963-70

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  • KT3 Civil rigths 1963-70 (violent protest)
    • Changing views
      • People began to favour violent protests
      • Lack of progress became fustrating
    • Birmingham
      • Bull Connor- violent methods on inncent people
      • MLK led the protest with thousands of children
      • Brought World wide attention to the CRM
      • 3rd April 1963- NAACP organised a protest
    • March on Wahington
      • 250-500,000 marchers putting pressure on the governement.
      • 'I have a dream' speech
      • World wide attention
    • Kennedy
      • He was killed before the law was passed
      • Drafted the CR bill
      • Won power due to the Black vote
    • Landmark Laws
      • 6th August 1965- Voting Registration Act- 1 voting test for the whole country
      • 2nd July 1964- Civil Rights Act- Banned discrimintation
    • Freedom Summer 1964
      • Volunteers were killed for their help
      • White people coached Black voters to pass registration tests
      • 80 beatings, 6 deaths, 35 shootings, 60 homes bombed, 1000 arrests
    • Malcom X
      • Created the New York Mosque inc.
      • Black Muslim leader believed in violence
      • Shot dead during a speech 1965 aged 39
    • Black Power Movement
      • Black Panthers- military group
      • Believed in violence and improving Blac social conditions
    • Assasination of MLK
      • Riots took place everywhere even in the North
      • Killed 4/4/68 shot by a KKK member


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