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  • Kristallnacht
    • The culmination of hatred for Jews was Kristallnacht (the name derives from all the broken glass that was broken on that night)
    • On 9 November 1938, Jewish buildings and property were attacked all throughout Germany
      • The excuse provided was a German was killed by a Jew in Paris, apparently as revenge for how badly his parents were treated by the Nazis
        • German people went on a rampage, setting fire to Synagogues, looting and destroying Jewish shops and arresting Jews
    • The Result
      • 191 Synagogues were destroyed
      • 20,000 Jews were arrested
      • 818 Jewish businesses were destroyed and many more were looted
    • Causes: 3 conflicting theories
      • The Nazis claimed the violence was perpetrated by ordinary German people, who released their contempt for Jews
        • Does not explain how Jews were arrested if the Nazis had nothing to do with it
      • Some thought it was planned and orchestrated by Hitler
      • Some thought it was planned by Goebbels


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