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  • Kraft
    • Culture
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    • Takeover
      • By the time of the offer for Cadbury, it was the world’s second-largest food conglomerate, with seven brands that each generated annual revenues of more than $1bn.
    • effect on stakeholders
      • Only 5 per cent of its shares were owned by short-term traders at the time of the Kraft bid.
        • didn't effect too many shareholders of cadburys
    • Government Intervention
      • When it was taking over Cadbury, US food firm Kraft promised to keep open the chocolate firm's Somerdale factory near Bristol.But soon after the deal was done, Kraft announced a U-turn and shut the factory that employed 400 staff.
        • MPs said Kraft had acted both 'irresponsibly and unwisely' during its takeover bid.
    • Motives
      • some peoples say because kraft were a mature maybe even declining. They used Cadbury as an extension strategy.
      • Kraft’s plan was to split in two to eliminate its conglomerate nature and become two more focused businesses, thereby creating more value for its shareholders.


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