Korean War

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  • Korean War
    • Americans felt that Stalin's power over Russian was like Eastern Europe, they were determined to prevent the further spread of Communism.
      • At the end of WW2, Stalin had control of North Korea and set up a communist state.
      • In the south, Americans set up a state that was supposed to be a democracy
      • Both presidents claimed to be president of all of Korea, SOUTH - RHEE AND NORTH - SUNG
      • In 1950, North Korea invade the South
    • EVENTS:
      • The North Koreans pushed back South Korea, Pusan
      • Truman asked the UN for help and was allowed.
      • UN forces drove the North all the way back the River Yalu; this worried China who did not want non-Communist states near them so they joined.
      • UN forces were driven back and MacArthur threatened to use atomic bombs; Truman sacked him
      • Once again UN forces push N.Korea back and by 1951 the border was around the 38th parrallel .
      • 1953, there was a truce agreed at Pammunjon
    • EFFECTS:
      • Truman worreid about the Domino effect would work is Asia like in Europe
      • The USA saw Korean war as a victory for containment
      • Many felt the US had used the UN



mac Arthur was sacked for pushing the Chinese troops back - Johnson threatened to use the atomic bomb if they didn't agree to the truce


maca Arthur was fired when he had desire to uset he nuke, but thois could lead to ww3

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