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  • Korea
    • Methods
      • First person narrative
      • Use of setting
      • Use of silence
      • Structure
    • Themes and ideas
      • Death
      • Power
      • Honour
      • Society
      • Things not as they seem
      • Parents and children
      • Past and present
    • Context
      • Irish War of Independence
      • Korean War
      • Emigration from Ireland to America
    • Quotes
      • "You saw an execution then too, didn't you?"
      • "I feel like I'd be giving you a chance I never got. I fought for this country. And now they want to take away even the licence to fish. Will you think about it anyhow?"
      • "You won't be able to say I didn't give you the chance when you come to nothing in this fool of a country. It'll be your own funeral."
      • "I'd never felt so close to him before"
      • "Each move he made I watched as closely as if I too had to prepare myself to murder."
      • "I closed the door and sat in the darkness, in the smell of **** and **** and the warm fleshy smell of too many worms crawling in too little clay."
      • "It was my father's voice. He was excited."
      • "The guilt of leaving came: I was discarding his life to assume my own."
      • "there was something calculating in his face"
      • "I knew my youth had emded."
      • "There's no room for ambition in this poky place."
      • "as the volley rang, the boy tore at the tuhis tunic over the heart, as if to pluck out the bullets"
      • "It was new to me to hear him talk about his own life at all."
      • "I couldn't get it out of my mind all day. It destroyed the day."
      • "he'd draw his fingers across his eyes as if to draw a spider web away, but it was my last summer with him on the river, and it seemed to make him want to talk, to give of himself before it ended"


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