Ko Ko by Charlie Parker (1945)

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  • KoKo by Charlie Parker (1945)
    • A version of the song 'Cherokee'
    • AABA form and each section is 16 bars long
    • Intro: Quite elaborate. Not quite composed more of a sketch. Line played in octaves by sax and trumpet. With pulsing snare drum
    • Time 00:06 - brief solo passage by trumpet followed by sax. Only snare accomp.
      • Time 00:19 - Thump from bass drum signals conclusion of intro. Trumpet and sax return to harmonized composed section.
    • Time 00:25 - Trumpet solo based on Cherokee chord progression. Drummer on ride cymbal. Glimpses of piano comping. Bass plays walking bass line
    • Parker's solo begins with a phrase suddenly ending on a dissonant pair of notes. Sometimes contains dramatic outbursts
      • Continuous string of eight notes. Swooping upbeats. Uses ghosting
    • Time 1:16 - Parker quotes phrase from New Orleans jazz-clarinet solo from 'high society'.
    • Time 1:41 - Sudden shift from home key of Bb major to series of remote keys. Pianist plays chord on downbeat.
      • Parker on trumpet plays arpeggios
    • Time 2:07 - Drum solo alternates snare drum licks with bass drum drops rapidly
      • Occurs within the tunes AABA format (he's playing over the first two A sections).
    • Time 2:29 - Intro returns as a coda ending with back and forth octave drop


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