Kohlberg - Moral development theory

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  • Kohlberg Moral Development
    • Level 1 Pre-morality
      • Stage 1 - Punishment and obedience orientation
        • doing what is right because of fear of punishment
      • Stage 2 - Hedonist orientation
        • Doing what is right for personal gain, perhaps reward
    • Level 2 Conventional morality
      • Stage 3 - Interpersonal concordance
        • Doing what is right according to the majority to be a good girl/ boy
      • Stage 4 - Law and concordance orientation
        • Doing what is right because it is your duty and helps society
    • Level 3 Post-conventional morality
      • Stage 5 - Social contact or legislation orientation
        • Doing what is morally right even if it is against the law because the law is too restrictive
      • Stage 6 - Universal ethical principles orientation
        • Doing what is right because of our inner conscience which has absorbed the principles of justice


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