Kobe, Japan MEDC 1995

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  • Kobe, Japan January 1995 MEDC
    • Immediate Effects?
      • Over 5'000 killed and 40'000 seriously injured.
      • 300'000 homeless.
      • Gas mains ruptured and water pipes fractured = difficult to put out fires.
      • Hanshin Expressway collapsed and railway lines buckled.
    • Secondary Effects?
      • $80 billion of damage.
      • Many homes without water and electricity.
      • People slept in tents in parks.
      • Fires started because sparks from broken down power lines ignited the gas = many buildings set alight.
    • Immediate responses?
      • Japanese government evacuated people to temporary shelters.
      • Fire and emergency services searched for survivors.
      • Hospitals treated the injured.
      • Most road connections repaired in a month.
    • Long-term responses?
      • Roads repaired.
      • New buildings builg to modern 'earthquake proof' specifications.
      • New buildings built further apart = prevent domino effect.
      • Japanese now practice an earthquake drill every year.
    • Measured 7.4 on Richter Scale. At junction of Philippines (oceanic) and Eurasian (continental) plates - destructive plate margin.


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