Knowledge on Women

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  • Knowledge on Women
    • After the war had ended in 1945, many women had to give up their jobs.
      • The Government were worried that otherwise there wouldn't be enough jobs for men.
    • Many women had liked the experience of working, as it had made them feel more independent.
    • Before WW2, only 10% of married women had jobs, whereas in 1951 22% of married women had jobs.
    • Trade Unions for women existed, The Civil Service got rid of its ban on married women working there and all hospital jobs were opened up to women.
    • There was the issue of equal pay for equal work.
    • In 1951 women teachers, civil servants and local government workers began campaigning for equal pay to men.
    • In the 1950's the growing economy meant that women that wanted a job could mainly get one.
    • Many women didn't work, and were housewives instead.
      • Women usually looked glamorous in nice dresses and high heels in adverts for housework products.


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