knowledge and justification

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  • knowledge and justification
    • most philosophers would argue that knowledge that to have knowledge, a true belief it has to be justified and then maybe knowledge is true.
      • is justification really necessary for knowledge? if so what kind of justification is necessary for knowledge?
        • knowledge without justification? e.g the teacher asks what is the capital of France, some of them answer 'Paris' but they don't really know why, it isn't clear that they has a justification for this true belief. Do they know that Paris is the capital of France?
          • perhaps their justification is someone once told them, but is this really a justification?
          • Tom rides his rocking horse and is able to predictate who will win the horse race.he has no idea or justification on how he does this but he is always right, does he know who is going to win the races?
            • some philosophers say that Tom doesn't know who is going to win the race but he just has the information. is this a valid distinction?


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