Knowledge of Gods Existence Theology OCR

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  • Knowledge of Gods existence
    • NATURAL Knowledge
      • Innate human sense of the divine
        • imago dei
        • we have the capacity and desire to know God
        • intellectual ability to recognise and reflect on the existence of God
      • As seen in the order of creation
        • what can be known of God can be seen in the apparent design and purpose of nature
    • REVEALED Knowledge
      • Through faith and Gods grace
        • as humans are sinful and have finite minds, natural knowledge is not sufficient to gain full knowledge of God
          • therefore we need faith and grace
      • Revealed knowledge of God in Jesus Christ
        • full and perfect knowledge of God is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ via the life of the Church +  the Bible
    • Evaluation
      • Dawkins + Hume - insufficient reasons for belief in God, no empirical evidence
      • we ANTHROPOMORPHISE God. Everyone has diff interpretation of God. Knowledge about isnt the same as knowing someone - revealed theol = god wants us to know


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