knowledge innatism

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  • knowledge innatism
    • idea that there is some innate knowledge
    • Locke against knowledge innatism
      • for an idea to be part of the mind they must be concious of it
        • children and idiots do not know theorems or geology
          • so there are no claims that are universally accepted
            • so ideas cannot be innate
    • experience triggers innate knowledge
      • e,g bird song is triggered
    • plato's meno
      • slave boy performed geometry even though it had never been taught to him
        • must have recovered the answers from within his mind so they are innate
          • alternative explanation: is actually analytic we acquire the concept from experience then come to know the a-priori truth
    • Leibniz
      • we can know things without being concious of them
        • the knowledge exists are predispositions in our mind


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