Raschel and Tricit Warp Knitting Mahines

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  • Knitting Machines
    • Raschel Warp
      • Features
        • Latch needles used
        • Versatile
        • Suitable for outer wear and furnsihing
        • Any type of yarn can be used
        • Fabric controlled by high take downtension
        • Sinkers hold fabric when needle raises
      • Advantages
        • Production rate higher
        • Yarn is criss-cross so dimensional stability is higher
        • Elongation of the fabric will be less
      • Application: Warp knitted fabric will be used for apparel, fashion fabric and technical textiles
    • Tricot Machine
      • Features
        • Bearded needles
        • Fine filaments are knitted
        • Machine gauge: 24 to 40
        • Fabric pulled at right angle through needle
        • Sinker controls fabric through cycle
        • Low fabric take down tension


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