Knife Safety

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  • Safe Use of Knives
    • use the appropriate sized knife for the food to be cut
    • keep knives sharp - a blunt knife is dangerous
    • carry knives by the handle, blade downwards pointing towards the floor.
    • pass to others by the handle
    • never try to catch a falling knife
    • do not leave knives on the edge of chopping boards or worktops
    • wash up carefully with sharp edge of blade facing away
    • never place knives in washing up water where they cannot be seen
    • store knives in a block or drawer
    • handles should be grease free
    • use correct hand holds when cutting e.g. claw, bridge, arch, etc.
    • peel away from you, not into the hand
    • Kitchen Knives
      • Vegetable knife
      • Paring knife
      • Palette knife
      • Potato Peeler
      • Boning knife
      • Filleting knife
      • Meat cleaver
      • Cook' knife (Chef's knife, chopping knife, general purpose knife)
    • First Aid Treatment for a Cut Finger
      • Wash, dry and apply a blue waterproof plaster.
      • If bleeding persists apply pressure and lift injured part above level of heart.
      • Wipe clean with antiseptic wipe.
      • Record in accident book.




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