English Literature Poetry - Kissing

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  • Kissing
    • 'walking on the riverbank'
      • romantic
    • 'arms around each other's waists and shoulders'
      • close together
    • 'waterlilies'
      • open; symbolism
    • 'nest'
      • beginning of a family; symbolism
    • 'clamped together'
      • close
    • 'forgotten about'
      • mind elsewhere
    • 'mouth to mouth'
      • intimate
    • 'talk, stop talking, kiss'
      • restrained, romantic
    • 'They can see no one older than themselves'
      • oblivious to others; in love
    • 'They've got all day'
      • easier to be committed - don't have other plans
    • 'on the way to airports and stations'
      • have busier lives but stay intimate
    • 'Their mouths and tongues are soft and powerful, and as moist as ever'
      • can also be intimate
    • 'soft and powerful'
      • juxtaposition
    • 'soft and powerful and as moist as ever'
      • sensual
    • 'locked so tightly together that it hurts
      • urgency
    • 'They too may have futures'
      • still have new experiences to discover


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