Information on the 5 Kingdoms, 3 Phyla from the kingdom Animalia and also the different class within it.

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  • Kingdom
    • Animalia
      • Annelida
        • segmented body divided into septa, hydrostatic skeleton,closed circulatory system
      • Chordata
        • backbone, internal skeleton, well developed brain
        • Pisces
          • Fish, aquatic, gills fins and scales, external fertilisation.
        • Amphibia
          • soft moist skin, simple lungs, external fertilisation
        • Reptilia
          • dry skin and scales, more efficient lungs, internal fertilisation
        • Aves
          • Birds, feathers, air sacs that act as bellows
        • Mammalia
          • skin with fur, internal fertilisation and gestation, double circulatory system
      • Arthropoda,
        • segmented body, jointed legs, open circulatory system, chitin
        • Insecta
          • Metamorphosis, 3 segments of body, 3 pairs of legs, internal fertilisation
        • Arachnida
        • Crustacea
        • Myriapoda
      • Heterotrophic, no cell walls, nervous coordination
    • Plantea
      • Autotrophic, Cellulose, cells contain vacuole and chloroplasts. Eg. Flowering and non-flowering plants
    • Fungi
      • Heterotrophic, cell wall of chitin, reproduce with spores. Eg. Mushrooms, yeast
    • Protoctista
      • Unicellular, Eukaryotic, no vascular tissue. Eg. watermoulds, Algae and Amoeba's
    • Prokaryotae
      • Prokaryotic, Unicellular, Cell wall of Murein. Eg. Bacteria, blue-green algae.


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