King Lear

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  • King Lear
    • values display of love rather than real love
      • Love trial - "speak" of who "doth love" him "most"
      • Insecure and vain - hamartia/fatal flaw
      • Does not really decide how much land is given, it is already decided
        • Cordelia ruins his order
        • Trying to take precautions to save kingsom in old age (no male heir)
          • "Unburdened crawl"
            • Can be argued that he literally meant he was about to crawl toward death
          • "that future strife May be prevented now"
    • Cordelia disappoints him which sends him into a rage that causes him to make bad decisions
      • Cordelia ruins his order
      • "I disclaim all my paternal care"
      • Sets events into motion - Aristotle's 'cause and effect chain'
    • Hires Kent/Caius - does he value loyalty?
      • Or not? He is the one that "banished" him initially
    • Interaction with Fool shows a more tolerant side to him
    • Realises his mistakes towards Cordelia
      • "I did her wrong"
        • Anagnorisis
    • Wishes he had taken better care of the poor
      • "poor naked wretches...I have ta'en Too little care of this" pg 273
        • Anagnorisis
    • Madness
      • "Many critics see Lear's insanity as a learning process" Rebecca Warren
      • Needs to suffer to understand himself and society
      • Still self-obsessed and refers to crimes committed against him
        • Discusses in the heath ways to punish daughters - mock trial
          • "I'll see their trial first"
    • Reconciliation with Cordelia
      • Ashamed of himself
        • "I am a very foolish, fond old man"
      • Redeemed from charges of egotism - learned value of true emotion
        • Does not die a happy man but does die a better man
  • "that future strife May be prevented now"


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